Paedophiles in Society Reflecting on Sexuality Abuse and Hope

Paedophiles in Society Reflecting on Sexuality Abuse and Hope By Dr Sarah D. Goode
Academic and cultural understandings of paedophilia tend to diverge into a ‘sexual liberation’ discourse and a ‘child protection’ discourse, each missing important insights from the other. This book goes beyond radical and conservative debates to set out a new understanding, arguing that paedophiles are not ‘outside’ culture or society but are part of our everyday human existence – and that sexual attraction to children is part of human sexuality. Firmly placing the needs and wellbeing of children first, Sarah Goode’s work is a challenging and thought-provoking response to contemporary anxieties over paedophilia and child sexual abuse. It addresses the need for information on paedophiles which does not assume that they are monsters, mad, evil or ‘other’ and which seeks to locate paedophiles in their everyday context, in society, arguing that these new understandings offer new ways to protect children from harm.  
I really enjoyed Paedophiles in Society Reflecting on Sexuality Abuse and Hope. I was just planning on reading a few pages when I started but You will enjoy this book!!!
In short,if you enjoy fast pasted, witty and very intelligent reads, Paedophiles in Society Reflecting on Sexuality Abuse and Hope is for you!!

Organizational Misbehaviour in the Workplace Narratives of Dignity

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Organizational Misbehaviour in the Workplace Narratives of Dignity By Professor Jan Ch Karlsson
Employees need dignity and autonomy in their workplace. If they are denied this there will be a strong tendency to resist working conditions and misbehave. The theme of this book is how employees try to establish and maintain dignity and itincludes a wealth of gripping, funny and tragic stories about workers’ and managers’ creative ways of doing that – narratives that make us reflect upon how employees are treated at work and the consequences thereof. Jan Ch. Karlsson presents a new model for analyzing these processes in working life. The model integrates themes that have usually been regarded as separate entities, such as organizational misbehaviour, resistance, abusive supervision, discipline in informal self-organised groups at workplaces, and doing private business during working hours. Through this model a fascinating novel perspective is suggested on what is currently happening in the modern workplace.
Organizational Misbehaviour in the Workplace Narratives of Dignity was well written and I continued to read even though I really didn’t want to read it.
hese are stories I would recommend for anyone who loves to read. They are absorbing, joyful.

Crime Justice and Social Democracy International Perspectives

Crime, Justice and Social Democracy is a provocative and thoughtful collection of timely reflections on the state of social democracy and its inextricable links to crime and justice. Authored by some of the world’s leading thinkers from the UK, US, Canada and Australia, with a preface from Professor David Garland of New York University, this volume provides a powerful social democratic critique of neoliberal regimes of governance and crime control on an international scale. Social democratic values raise broad questions about government, ethics, and the exercise of power in criminal justice institutions; each chapter here engages with how this might occur and with what consequences. The contributions to this volume, while critical and hard hitting, also boldly envision a more socially just criminal justice politic. This collection is essential reading for activists, scholars, legislators, politicians and policy makers who are concerned with promoting, imagining and understanding socially sustaining societies.
Its a long story. It seems to be pointing out how things really so it is not so much a story to be read for pleasure or entertainment as it is to learn or educate.
Crime Justice and Social Democracy International Perspectives By unknown
Highly recommend Crime Justice and Social Democracy International Perspectives. Loved it and plan to read the other books in the series. Could not put the book down.

Sierra Leone beyond the Lome Peace Accord

The Lomé Peace Accord, signed in 1999, presented significant implications, challenges, and possibilities for post-conflict Sierra Leone, but the literature on post-conflict Sierra Leone only scantily addresses these issues. This project seeks to address the void in the literature on post-Lomé Sierra Leone.
I read it slowly because I didn’t want it to end. If you are a fan of you won’t be disappointed.
Sierra Leone beyond the Lome Peace Accord By unknown
No wonder Sierra Leone beyond the Lome Peace Accord won the couldn’t put it down. Each character comes to life in an extraordinary tale.