Modernism and Eugenics

Modernism and Eugenics By Marius Turda
Is the nation an ‘imagined community’ centered on culture or rather a biological community determined by heredity? Modernism and Eugenics examines this question from a bifocal perspective. On the one hand, it looks at technologies through which the individual body was re-defined eugenically by a diverse range of European scientists and politicians between 1870 and 1940; on the other, it illuminates how the national community was represented by eugenic discourses that strove to battle a perceived process of cultural decay and biological degeneration. In the wake of a renewed interest in the history of science and fascism, Modernism and Eugenics treats the history of eugenics not as distorted version of crude social Darwinism that found its culmination in the Nazi policies of genocide but as an integral part of European modernity, one in which the state and the individual embarked on an unprecedented quest to renew an idealized national community.
I couldn’t put this Modernism and Eugenics down! Very suspenseful, I never expected the things that happened when I turned the page
Its a long story. It seems to be pointing out how things really so it is not so much a story to be read for pleasure or entertainment as it is to learn or educate.

Beating The Squeeze Financial Planning During A Recession

Beating The Squeeze Financial Planning During A Recession By Anthony Vice
This book is ideal for all of those who need advice and guidance in the current economic climate concerning savings and investments and asset protection generally. The book also covers the avoidance of extortionate loans, so called `payday’ loans and also the use of credit unions as an alternative. This book is clear and concise and very much intended for the layman. It points out steps that can be taken to protect savings and capital values and is sensitively written by an expert in the field.
I was so impressed with this novel. It is the best book I have read in years. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and I fell in love with all of the characters. I cried and laughed and really felt I could see through their eyes. I savored every page, and I totally recommend Beating The Squeeze Financial Planning During A Recession.
Enjoyable and thought provoking-Beating The Squeeze Financial Planning During A Recession will end up costing me a fortune by the time I read many of the titles discussed in it

Researching Families and Relationships Reflections on Process

Researching Families and Relationships Reflections on Process By unknown
In this collection, over 40 researchers across the social sciences offer a series of engaging accounts reflecting on dilemmas and issues that they experienced while researching and communicating research on personal life. Their insights are food for thought for students, researchers, professionals and anyone using, planning or conducting research on families and relationships, encouraging critical reflection on the readers’ own processes. Researchers’ accounts are organised under and commented on by insightful overviews. David Morgan leads with consideration of framing research. Kay Tisdall prefaces the next set by reflections on ethical considerations in research engagements. Angus Bancroft and Stuart Aitken each comment on researchers’ accounts from ‘in the field’ focusing on the research relationship and the complexities of time and place. The final accounts are prefaced by Lynn Jamieson’s discussion of dealing with dilemmas in interpreting and representing families and relationships and by Sarah Morton’s and Sandra Nutley’s reflections on getting research into policy and practice.
Intriguing story. A Researching Families and Relationships Reflections on Process I found hard to put down. The ending was disappointing as I was expecting some climax or epiphany that never happened.
I loved Researching Families and Relationships Reflections on Process. Its one of those books, I got to the last page and just wanted to start reading it again. So good!

Irish Contemporary Landscapes in Literature and the Arts

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Irish Contemporary Landscapes in Literature and the Arts By unknown
Looking at representations of the Irish landscape in contemporary literature and the arts, this volume discusses the economic, political and environmental issues associated with it. Questioning the myths behind Ireland’s landscape from the first Greek descriptions to present day post Celtic-Tiger architecture, the contributors explore its artistic representations (fictional and visual), arguing that the experience of humans with place is preserved in landscape, history and myth. The book further argues that contemporary landscape practices, from landscape planning to landscape designing, are imbued with myth. Just as the myth of loss is at the root of many cultural, political and economical statements, the myth of unity, belonging, globalization and its twin, the myth of speed, have in turn contributed to creating new landscapes and new ruins.
This is the BEST BOOK I’ve read in a long time!!! I could not put it down and as a result stayed up till all hours finishing it
This is a wonderful Irish Contemporary Landscapes in Literature and the Arts if you don’t think you’re perfect. It contains all the information you need to correct any of your own bad habits, and to understand the behavior of others.

Work Life Balance in Europe The Role of Job Quality

This volume addresses tensions between work and private life by focusing on job quality, job security, working conditions and time-use patterns of individuals and households on the one hand, and the institutional context, such as family policy institutions, and other country characteristics on the other. The length of time spent on work, job characteristics, and working conditions in general to a large extent influences the degree to which people are able to combine work and other important life domains, such as family, care and social life. Jobs which facilitate a more favourable combination of people’s work and personal lives lead to a better work-life balance and higher life satisfaction, which in turn might increase identification and satisfaction with one’s job and work productivity. This book explores which work-related demands and work-related resources interfere with, or facilitate, the work-life interface, and how these factors interact with the institutional settings.
Since picking up Work Life Balance in Europe The Role of Job Quality, I can’t seem to stop reading it!…I love her style of writing and more importantly you will identify with her struggle. I would recommend this book to all.
Work Life Balance in Europe The Role of Job Quality By unknown
Enjoyable and thought provoking-Work Life Balance in Europe The Role of Job Quality will end up costing me a fortune by the time I read many of the titles discussed in it

Screening the Face

Screening the Face By Prof Paul Coates
Paul Coates presents the face in film as a place where transformations begin, above all under the influence of modernity’s problematization of the reading of faces, but also of age-old myths. The book considers where and how the face becomes either a mask, or what Lacanian theory would term ‘the Thing’, in a perspective informed by film theory, anthropology, philosophy and theology. Although its key text is Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, it analyzes a wide range of other films, primarily European and American, including Cat People, The Dark Knight, Dekalog 1, Eyes Wide Shut, The Face of Another, Greed, The Passion of Joan of Arc, Triumph of the Will, and various works by Chris Marker. The book investigates the face’s modifications by allegory, the close-up, doubling, horror, stardom, veiling and war; the significance of its representation in profile and three-quarter-face; and the urge to mask or freeze its vulnerable, ever-changing nature.
It was an easy Screening the Face to read kinda knew what was going to happen next. Liked the story and the finish
This is the BEST BOOK I’ve read in a long time!!! I could not put it down and as a result stayed up till all hours finishing it