The Post Dictatorship Generation in Argentina Chile and Uruguay

The Post Dictatorship Generation in Argentina Chile and Uruguay By Ana Ros
The Post-Dictatorship Generation: Collective Memory and Cultural Production explores how young adults in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay make sense of the 1970s socialist projects and the ensuing years of repression in their activism, film and literature.
I really loved The Post Dictatorship Generation in Argentina Chile and Uruguay. I would reccomend it to all of my friends. The entire time I was hooked on the characters and wanted to know what was coming next.
Immediately upon finishing, I reread the prolog and final chapter…and will read The Post Dictatorship Generation in Argentina Chile and Uruguay again.

Europe the USA and Political Islam Strategies for Engagement

Europe the USA and Political Islam Strategies for Engagement By unknown
Much attention has been paid to the question of whether Islamist movements are truly committed to democracy. Indeed, there has been an increasing focus on so-called ‘moderate’ Islamists with whom the West can engage. Although there is a lot of debate about the need to bring Islamists into a dialogue about democracy, very few efforts have been devoted to ideas about what this would mean in practical terms: Who are the most appropriate actors on both sides to take part in any engagement strategy? What issues should be prioritised in discussions? And indeed, what can EU and American policymakers do if Islamists themselves are unwilling to engage? The contributors of this volume take to task the ‘nuts and bolts’ of engaging Islamists. Theoretical and overview chapters are balanced by case studies of Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Albania, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. The chapters draw on extensive research on Islamist parties and movements and Western policy towards them, over the past decade or more.
This collection of short stories has been an absolute pleasure to read. But still, plenty to sink your teeth into in this wonderful Europe the USA and Political Islam Strategies for Engagement
Loved Europe the USA and Political Islam Strategies for Engagement,it was in my book club and we’ve been passing it around. I actually learned quite a bit as well. really kept me turning the pages,hard to put down.

The Political Legacies of Barry Goldwater and George McGovern

The Political Legacies of Barry Goldwater and George McGovern By Jeffrey J. Volle
Presidential candidates’ names such as Lewis Cass, Samuel Tilden, Alton Parker and James Cox may not be familiar to many, but what about Barry Goldwater and George McGovern? This book is about Senators Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) and George McGovern (D-SD), men who gave their leadership to both the conservative cause and liberal cause during an era of turmoil and strife. It’s about two men who lost the most coveted position in the world of politics in landslide proportions, but were determined not to be a footnote in the annals of presidential history. In addition, it’s about redemption for people on the right and left of the political spectrum who can be proud of two politicians that, in the simplest terms, demonstrated that defeat can be both decent and honorable.
recommend it to anyone who wants to read a fast pace, edge of your seat The Political Legacies of Barry Goldwater and George McGovern.
Can’t put it down! Just when I think I understand the characters… {another} twist is added. It is very entertaining characters and style of writing.

Understanding Terrorist Finance

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Understanding Terrorist Finance By Timothy Wittig
Understanding Terrorist Finance provides powerful new insights in the financial and economic realities of terrorist groups. Dispelling popular myths, the book presents the first unified coherent framework for the systematic analysis of terrorist finance and includes empirical studies of the financing of groups in Europe, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. Wittig finds that the activities typically represented as ‘terrorist finance’, such as donations, criminal activities and weapons procurement, ought to be understood in terms of how terrorists – as socio-political actors – access and interact with flows of economic value rather than as elements of an illicit financial edifice supposedly underpinning global terrorism.
I read this because it was recommended to me. You never know who it might help. Fantastic Understanding Terrorist Finance and highly recommend for everyone. Enjoy.
I enjoyed the characters, storyline and suspense. I also love the main character, This is well worth reading, I am motivated to read the previous books in the series. However, the pricing does need to be better and more consistent. All in all, this is a fun read!

Vagueness and Language Use

Vagueness and Language Use By unknown
Most of the expressions we use in ordinary language are vague, in the sense that their meaning does not allow us to specify a unique and constant boundary between the objects to which they apply and those to which they don’t. An adjective like ‘young’, for instance, does not select for a sharp range of ages (does 29 still count as ‘young’? what about 37, 43?); likewise a determiner like ‘many’ does not determine a precise number of objects in order to count as many.The phenomenon of vagueness raises substantial puzzles about how we reason and manage to communicate successfully with vague expressions. This volume brings together twelve papers by linguists and philosophers which contribute novel empirical and formal considerations to theorizing about vagueness, with special attention to the linguistic mechanisms by which vagueness is regulated.The volume is organized in three main parts which concern respectively: the link between vagueness, gradability and the expression of comparison in language (how does the meaning of the vague adjective ‘young’ relate to that of the precise comparative ‘younger’?) the semantics of degree adverbs and intensifiers (how do adverbs like ‘clearly’, ‘approximately’ or ‘surprisingly’ constrain the meaning of the expressions they modify?) ways of evading the sorites paradox (what are the prospects for contextualist and pragmatic solutions?)
I read this because it was recommended to me. You never know who it might help. Fantastic Vagueness and Language Use and highly recommend for everyone. Enjoy.
I enjoy writing style. The book moves along at a pace that will keep your interest.

Writing Romanticism Charlotte Smith and William Wordsworth 1784

Writing Romanticism Charlotte Smith and William Wordsworth 1784 By Jacqueline M. Labbe
What is Wordsworthian Romanticism and how did it evolve? What happens if we read the poetry of Charlotte Smith into the equation? This book argues that what we have commonly labeled the ‘Wordsworthian’ in fact emerges from the sustained attention the young Wordsworth paid to the thematics of place, history, memory, and subjectivity in Smith’s work: a Smithian poetics. What follows is a period of mutual reading, each poet attuned to and absorbing the work of the other, in a virtual partnership more productive to the development of English poetry than any other of the period. Although they met only once, their work shows, throughout the 1790s and until Smith’s death in 1806, a common devotion to innovation and experimentation that establishes Romantic poetry. This book demonstrates that the two poets co-wrote a poetics that stands for many readers as representatively Romantic, and represents a significant and original re-evaluation of the Romantic period
Its a long story. It seems to be pointing out how things really so it is not so much a story to be read for pleasure or entertainment as it is to learn or educate.
I found Writing Romanticism Charlotte Smith and William Wordsworth 1784 to be very informative. I chose this book because I want to be as knowledgeable as possible on the subject of my What I might expect in the future.