American Global Challenges The Obama Era

This book discusses the most pressing global challenges, and suggests ways for the Obama Administration to tackle them in a holistic manner. In particular, the book proposes effective measures for various problems like the war on terror, resolution of the Arab-Israeli dispute, forging of better relations with the Muslim World, resetting of relations with Russia, prevention of nuclear proliferation particularly with regards to Iran and North Korea, improvement of the effectiveness of the United Nations, and finding ways for international cooperation to repair and arrest the damage to the environment due to global warming and climate change.
I have not read much of Mohammed M. Zaki before, so I cannot contrast this book with those that came before it. I will say this it is unlikely to recede from my mind anytime soon.
American Global Challenges The Obama Era By Mohammed M. Zaki
All in a good American Global Challenges The Obama Era not regretting having read it.

The Character of Curriculum Studies Bildung Currere and the

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The Character of Curriculum Studies Bildung Currere and the By William F. Pinar
This volume assembles essays addressing the recurring question of the ‘subject,’ understood both as human person and school subject, thereby elaborating the subjective and disciplinary character of curriculum studies. After examining scholarship on the ‘subject,’ Pinar critiques its absence in the new sociology of curriculum, its historically shifting presence in North European (and specifically German) conceptions of Bildung, in Pinar’s concept of currere, in Frantz Fanon’s theorizing of decolonization, and as the subject becomes reconstructed in the intercultural scholarship of Hongyu Wang and in Maxine Greene’s theorization of art as experience. Of interest to scholars not only in the US, this book will hold special significance for graduate students and junior scholars who want to know how to conduct curriculum research and development in a field informed by scholarship and theory in the humanities.
I found The Character of Curriculum Studies Bildung Currere and the to be very informative. I chose this book because I want to be as knowledgeable as possible on the subject of my What I might expect in the future.
Overall, I enjoyed this novel. It was, quick read, with and just the right amount of romance.