The Harbinger and The Shepherd

The Harbinger and The Shepherd By Adam Griffith
Humanity’s last war of conquest has ended. The rebellious factions within the mighty Confederation of Inner Systems have been quelled. The scant few independent worlds on the edge of explored space strive to avoid having the Confederation’s gaze turn on them. Peace has spread through the galaxy for the last five years…From a prison world, deep inside the conquered zone of the once great Khirraxian Empire, a new threat emerges. Un-living elemental horrors flood out of dead space with the single-minded goal of destroying humanity. Two great veterans of the last war, the eternal champion of a spirit warrior race and the haggard hero of an accursed people, once again find themselves at the center of a struggle to not only survive, but reclaim the homes once stolen from them.Only an Averial, the herald of the new age, knows the truth about the conflict, the prophecy unfolding, and what is to become of humanity. The champion and the hero must protect her against the rising darkness to ensure the coming of the third age as the galaxy burns under the fires of a new war.
This is one of Adam Griffith stronger books. It is heavy and intense with no lightness of spirit at all. I highly recommend it.
This collection of short stories has been an absolute pleasure to read. But still, plenty to sink your teeth into in this wonderful The Harbinger and The Shepherd