One Company Diverse Workplaces The Social Construction of

In the complex world of corporate and host-country influences, social interaction between multinational and local actors, including employees, trade unions and the local society, is the underlying social mechanism through which employment practices are constructed. This focus is a conceptual amendment to the comparative institutionalist perspective on multinationals, integrating actors’ values, interests, behaviour, and social interaction within the broader framework of the comparative institutional approach.This book provides an inquiry into the process through which multinational companies establish and reinforce their position in host-country labour markets. A particular focus is on the construction of employment practices in multinationals’ subsidiaries across Western European and post-socialist Central and Eastern European host countries; and the assessment of their diversity across the subsidiaries of the same company. Presenting original empirical evidence gathered in five countries, it is a direct response to recent literature’s call for systematic comparative analyses of processes and outcomes of politics inside multinational firms and the relationship between management and employees in a cross-national perspective.
honestly couldn’t put it down- it’s a really wonderful One Company Diverse Workplaces The Social Construction of
One Company Diverse Workplaces The Social Construction of By Dr Marta Kahancová
Loved One Company Diverse Workplaces The Social Construction of,it was in my book club and we’ve been passing it around. I actually learned quite a bit as well. really kept me turning the pages,hard to put down.