Writing Romanticism Charlotte Smith and William Wordsworth 1784

Writing Romanticism Charlotte Smith and William Wordsworth 1784 By Jacqueline M. Labbe
What is Wordsworthian Romanticism and how did it evolve? What happens if we read the poetry of Charlotte Smith into the equation? This book argues that what we have commonly labeled the ‘Wordsworthian’ in fact emerges from the sustained attention the young Wordsworth paid to the thematics of place, history, memory, and subjectivity in Smith’s work: a Smithian poetics. What follows is a period of mutual reading, each poet attuned to and absorbing the work of the other, in a virtual partnership more productive to the development of English poetry than any other of the period. Although they met only once, their work shows, throughout the 1790s and until Smith’s death in 1806, a common devotion to innovation and experimentation that establishes Romantic poetry. This book demonstrates that the two poets co-wrote a poetics that stands for many readers as representatively Romantic, and represents a significant and original re-evaluation of the Romantic period
Its a long story. It seems to be pointing out how things really so it is not so much a story to be read for pleasure or entertainment as it is to learn or educate.
I found Writing Romanticism Charlotte Smith and William Wordsworth 1784 to be very informative. I chose this book because I want to be as knowledgeable as possible on the subject of my What I might expect in the future.