Objects of Time How Things Shape Temporality

Objects of Time How Things Shape Temporality By Kevin K. Birth
This is a book about time, but it is also about much more than time—it is about how the objects we use to think about time shape our thoughts. Because time ties together so many aspects of our lives, this book is able to explore the nexus of objects, cognition, culture, and even biology, and to do so in relationship to globalization. By using ethnographic and historical data, the book argues that we must recognize the cognitive effects of our timekeeping devices, and that we must also recognize that they do not adequately capture many important aspects of time or life.
his outstanding literary skills and fantastic story line with his usual humorous passages, and his wonderful, punchy Objects of Time How Things Shape Temporality goes on my list of all-time favorites.
Great story. Having been involved from a different vantage point I find experiences unique and inspiring.